Kristina Futoova is an international workshop leader, blogger, lecturer and Personal and Professional Wellbeing Life Coach in Further Education. She educates, inspires and empowers 16-19 year olds and mature adults. She started her teaching career in 2004. She is passionate about empowering people to be at their best and feel good, make positive and powerful changes in their lives and bring like-minded people together for the best co-creation!

She is also a certified and lincensed Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and delivers coaching and positive thinking workshops to empower people to feel good, achieve their goals and ultimately their best Life. In addition to this, she co-creates with four leading-edge Empower Your Life Experience – Next Level Team teachers, who deliver empowering workshops in London.

She has recently co-led empowering, Law Of Attraction and Positive Thinking workshops in Seattle, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

She has learned that people who attend workshops value the connection with other like-minded, positive people the most in a safe, fun and professional environment.

Kristina thrives in seeing people who do not know each other get together and connect for the same purpose: just to be happy and feel joy in Life. She observed that group members very quickly start bonding and supporting each other, which makes everyone feel good.

She has attended and continues to join life coaching, NLP, Law Of Attraction and positive thinking conferences and seminars, e.g. seminars delivered by The Coaching Academy, HayHouse and Esther Hicks – Abraham. She studied various teachings and philosophies of inspirational authors, coaches, motivational speakers such as: Louise L Hay, Esther Hicks, Cheryl Richardson, Patricia Cane, Alan Cohen, Robert Holden, Sonia Choquette, Maya Angelou, Neal Donald Walsh, Thich Nhat Hanh, Sarah Urquhart, Ann Skidmore, Pam Lidford, Andrew Jenkins, and enjoys implementing the tools and techniques into her every-day life and in her day-to-day teaching.

The seminars, conferences and books have helped her immensely to deal with a difficult phase of her life in 2003. The teachings have also contributed to changing her unlucky, victim mind-set that stemmed from her childhood. She was able to re-connect with her authentic self and discover her true passion and life purpose. She decided to become a personal and professional life coach and workshop leader to give back to society what she had learned. She empowers people to explore new possibilities and new ideas and helps to turn challenges into opportunities.