Can I make my Goals inspirational?


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In my previous email I talked about how important it was for us to create and write down our SMART goal (S-specific; M-measurable; A-achievable; R-realistic & T-time-bound) so that we don’t keep living on the ‘Some Day Island’ (Some day I will…)

Dreams are inspirational, they drive us and motivate us. Well-formed, positive goals and actions give us focus to achieve our dreams and helps us enjoy the ride!!!

By the way, if you don’t like the word ‘goal’, change it to a word that you like more, such as ‘aim’ ‘desire’, ‘outcome’ ‘focus’, whatever resonates with you. Make up your own word for it.

In my last email I also touched on how making our goal SMART was not enough and we needed to include the four P’s (Positive, Present, Personal and Possible).

We’ll take it one step further and ask the following questions when creating goals to ensure we act on it and stick to it:

1. Is it Inspirational?

It is got to be something that is exciting for you. When you achieved it, it is going to make a real difference.
Question to ask yourself: How motivating is this for me on a scale of 1-10? What impact will it have once I have achieved this? Who else will benefit? What will it truly give me? What doors will it open? What will it mean to me?

2. Is it Within my control?

– I want my husband to do the things that I have asked him to do when I ask him to do it. Not all of it is going to be within your control, as there are people and factors involved.
I want to win the lottery. How much of that is within your control to achieve?

I want to get that job / interview. There are a whole range of strategies, tools and knowledge that you could put into action to have the best possible chance of getting that job / interview. If you were to attend a one-to-one coaching session, those would be the focus of your session, – those factors that are within your control. Ultimately it will be the interviewer who will make a decision.

3. Is it Aligned with my values?

If you have fun, adventure, joy as key values- if part of your job is looking after your family financially, it may get in the way of your fun and adventure. That could result in you not taking any actions. If it’s in conflict with what you hold dear, what’s important to you, you probably will not follow through or take actions or if you do, you will do it reluctantly and you won’t have a good time achieving it.

4. Is it Challenging?

Your goal has to be stretching. Studies show that if one is working towards a goal within their comfort zone (boring, every day, easy), then it is going to be less likely that they are going to take actions. Equally we don’t want to get into the panic zone, where you would feel stressed, burnt out, afraid, anxious; instead you want to be excited and you want to be stretched. You want to enjoy the process with challenge. This is the state when we are most productive, and which we thrive to achieve in any coaching session.

Finally, Constantly review and update your goals.

This is when having a Life Coach is a real benefit. Is your goal still relevant? What’s changed? Reality is dynamic, it’s constantly changing. As you are becoming aware of the barriers, beliefs you have, your vision of where you want to be might change; the goals you are looking to achieve might change as well.

Come and play with us setting realistic and inspirational goals that are personal to you and practise coaching each other. The best way to learn is to apply your knowledge. Hence this workshop being highly-practical. You will learn a range of tools and techniques to turn those dreams into manageable and enjoyable goals.

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I started the London Life Coaching and Self-Empowerment Meetup group to bring like-minded people together who are aspired, motivated and committed to learn practical tools to turn their passion into reality, and enhance their life experiences. These tools can be applied in relationships, career, health or wealth. All skills levels are welcome

Life should not feel difficult and hard. We create our own experiences!!! Learn to make your life a positive and joyful experience!!

Look forward to connecting with you on the day!!!

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