Can I really feel less overwhelmed?

Dear Beloved

I trust all is well in your world and that you are steadily working towards achieving your heart’s desires set for 2016. Believe you can achieve them and you are half-way there!!! Celebrate and enjoy the small steps towards your goal and victory will feel more delicious!!!

Don’t just focus on the finish line, be in the moment and enjoy the journey towards it. Make peace with were you are now; let go off things you cannot control. The only person you can manage is You.


When you set your goal, your desired outcome, aim or whatever you wish to call it, think SMART!!! Ask yourself:

Is it: S-specific; M-measurable; A-achievable; R-realistic & T-time-bound?
However, SMART is not enough!!!

4P’s Goal

Ensure your goal or desired outcome has the 4 P’s:

1. Positively stated

The brain doesn’t process negatives. Examples:
Lose weight – Their brain doesn’t want to lose anything but to hold onto it.
Question to ask: That’s what you want to lose, what is it that you want to gain?
Stop smoking
Question to ask: That’s what you want to stop, what is it that you would like to start?
I don’t want to feel like this anymore.
Question to ask: OK. What is it that you would like to feel like instead?
This is to ensure that the goals you have written down are goals they you want to achieve and not what you do not want anymore.


– Your goal should be written in present tense, as if it had already happened.
– I am cycling for 30 mins a day.
I am turning over x amount by this time.
Date must be attached to it.

3. Personal

Your goal has to be personal, something you have ownership over and is personal to you. As a Life Coach, my role is to help you work out how is it personal to you, how to create some ownership.

4. Possible

The goal is got to be possible. We have to remember, that it is your definition of possible, not anyone else’s.

If we don’t set SMART goals / desired outcomes and apply the 4P’s we will continue dreaming and living on the ‘Some day’ island. Some day I will …… Goals / Desired Outcomes will remain dreams.

NOW is Your Time!!! Act on it!!! You can achieve it in a friendly workshop setting.

And finally, why do we all need a coach?

Join our workshop on 20th March at beautiful Clearly Destiny and transform your dreams into manageable and inspiring goals and acitrons!!!
We all deserve a life that allows us to play our own music and live from our full, true and highest potential!!!

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Look forward to connecting with you on the day!!!

All My Love xxxx
NLP Life Coach,
Heal Your Life Workshop Leader
FE Lecturer
ICT Tutor
& Forever Living Distributor