Co-creation at its best!!! NEW YORK LOA

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Dear New York

Thank you for your warm welcome, love and co-creation in our Law Of Attraction and Self-Empowerment workshop today!!!

I feel blessed to have been surrounded with such beautiful souls who are eager to learn & grow and share love!!!

You are an awesome bunch of wellbeings and uplifters!!!

Remember, you all have the awareness, strengths, skills and belief to go forth and accomplish your dreams. 

You are here to share your gifts, with your whole, loving, kind and compassionate true beingness that you are.

All experiences are bringing you closer to home, to your heart and to your soul. So it’s all good!

Make peace with yourself. Make peace with where you are. 

You’ll never get it done & it’s not about the final destination.

Love the growing, unfolding and the exciting, constant new desires!!!

There is only love and fear. Understand your fear and its positive intention. Transform your fear. Choose love and compassion.

Happy practising!
All My Love 

Kristina xoxo

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