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Raising awareness and achieving effective results by challenging and supporting the client

Energy flows where attention goes
  • Try it now! Have you ever tried to look up when feeling upset or overwhelmed? Changing our physiology can have a big impact on what we are thinking and how we are feeling at that moment. Imagine a confident person or a happy person; then imagine a person who is feeling down. What’s the difference in their posture, the way they hold their body and their body language?
  • Something else to ponder on… When we look up, we access choices, possibilities, positivity and hope and it feels great! Try it now! If you put your attention to feeling good, that is what you will get.
  • When we look down, we tap into our feelings (mainly negative), internal dialogue (self-talk), self-doubt and criticism. Next time you feel down, look up and put your shoulders back and/or place legs slightly apart as you are standing. I will guarantee you will feel better.
    Changing your physiology will change your thinking and it will ultimately change how you feel and behave.
  • The above simple NLP techniques are about managing your state and discovering how to feel resourceful and at your best more often.

Remember! There are no un-resourceful people, only un-resourceful states of mind. You have all the ability and all the resources you need to succeed or make any changes you want. An NLP Practitioner helps you unleash your potential and help you create a resourceful state of mind.

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Personal Coaching
You are in control of your mind and therefore of your results
  • To wonder and imagine the What If… state is such a great feeling. It creates a resourceful state and a powerful mindset, and it feels like anything is possible.
  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your relationships, career, health and social life was how you wanted it to be?
    Try it now! Take a moment to reflect. If your Life was how you wanted it to be, what would be happening? What would you be doing, seeing and hearing? What difference would it make? What would it give you? What would it mean to you? These are very powerful questions that will raise your awareness and help you put your Life into perspective.
  • What would happen if you did not achieve these?
    Would that make you committed and enthusiastic enough to want to change the way your life is now?

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Remember! If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got. So if what you are doing is not working, do something different!

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Different perspective

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