Personal Coaching

What is Personal Coaching?

  • Personal coaching is a confidential interactive process where the Coach guides and facilitates the client’s progress towards defined goals / outcome.
  • Coaching is a collaborative partnership where the client is the expert in their life and the Coach is the expert in the coaching process.
  • In the coaching session the client will feel empowered, challenged, motivated, encouraged and supported.

Benefits of Personal Coaching
How Personal Coaching can help me?

  • Personal Coaching will get you from where you are now to where you want to be faster than you would on your own.
  • During the process of achieving the goal / outcome, you will also discover your values and beliefs that could have an impact on the way you think and view experiences and the way you behave.

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“Self-growth is tender; it’s holy ground. There is no greater investment.” Stephen Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

‘Coaching may not be magic, but the results are certainly magical.’

Where does Coaching originate?

  • In 1980s it was realised by therapists that there were many life situations that embraced more than one issue and needed a wider view and the coaching profession was born.
  • Its growth has come almost totally from very satisfied customers who have achieved success and personal fulfilment.
  • Many say that coaching has helped them to be more successful and to be their best. In other words, the results have created the phenomenal worldwide demand that now exists.

What Personal Coaching is not?
Personal Coaching does not explore the past. It looks at what is happening right now in the client’s life and how the client can move forward.

Is Personal Coaching for me?
Anyone can have a personal coach (managers, entrepreneurs, individuals, athletes) supporting and challenging the client through their progress towards a defined goal / outcome. The goal / outcome may relate to career, confidence, stress, relationships, health, finances, etc.

The Coach will raise awareness if she/he feels that personal coaching is not the right intervention at that point in time for the client.

The role of the client

  • Client is aware of an issue / situation that needs to improve or develop
  • Client has the desire and readiness to make changes in their lives
  • Client is ready to seek help to facilitate change
  • Client takes responsibility for own goal by exploring their own issues and options and taking actions

The role of a Coach

  • A Coach works with the client around their desire to move forward in their lives and achieve their desires.
  • Takes the client from where they are now and helps them to decide how to move on.
  • Uses purposeful and insightful questions to help the client discover their own ‘best way forward’
  • Maintains a non-judgemental attitude
  • Remains totally confidential
  • Supports clients to achieve their full potential
  • Encourages client to explore a range of options
  • Challenges the client and takes them out of their comfort zone
  • Acts as a sounding board and allows client to brainstorm ideas and possible solutions or options
  • Raises awareness
  • Encourages responsibility
  • Helps client explore values and beliefs
  • Keeps client on track, within a session and over a period of time
  • Recognises the uniqueness of each client
  • Establishes a high level of rapport
  • Works in a climate of trust, honesty and openness

What a Coach is not?
A Coach is not a therapist, counsellor, consultant or mentor. A coach does not give advice or makes suggestions. A Coach does not judge or criticise.

The best investment you will ever make is the one in your personal growth. It is a positive and empowering experience, therefore it has a long lasting positive effect on your Life, as oppose to materialistic things (i.e. a new gadget) that are short-lived as we adapt to them and soon we want something new. 

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