Don’t wait for the motivation! 

It is so true! Motivation is never there when we need it! Even when I do my to do list, I am tempted to get the small and easy things out of the way first and I am not motivated to do the big tasks first. At the end of the day instead of feeling I have achieved something, I feel the big job is still on the list. 

This video really helped me a lot in prioritising: 

In addition to this, Stephen Covey: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – is a classic and must read.

Since watching this video, I have been asking myself every day: What one or two big jobs do I want to have achieved by the end of the day? So when I leave the office, I feel relieved that they are done.

Do the uncomfortable, big and dreaded jobs FIRST! You will find that it is only the energy that you need to start the job is big; once you have started it, the job is not actually that bad. When you focus and immerse yourself into it, it’s rather satisfying.

I’ve recently learned from Mel Robbins, speaker and author that based on her scientific research our brain will never want to do the things that are hard, uncomfortable, uncertain or risky. Our brain is trying to protect us by keeping us in our comfort zone, which means we are doing things that we are used to (habits), which means we don’t grow or feel energised. We are on autopilot.

Watch this awesome video!

Therefore, the only way forward is to push yourself to do the things you hesitate to do, that you hide from or procrastinate about.  Yes, it helps when you feel inspired but most of the time you won’t based on what we have learned from Mel’s research about the brain above.

Practice will increase your Confidence and lessen your Self-Doubt.

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