3. We all want to feel more confident in some areas of our life. Confidence can be built through practice. It is nothing to do with personality. Confidence is the Courage to take actions.

2. Confidence requires a Willing Mind and a Willing Heart- willingness to get out of your comfort zone & taking small actions. Then giving your Fullest Attention and Focus to those small actions.

1. Make peace with where you are right now. It is what it is. Then come up with solutions and take actions towards them. Ask for help or use the incredible World Wide Web!

1. Summer Meetup of 2018!!! EYLE-NL August Workshop!!! xxx

Saturday, August 11, 2018

*Early bird price £25.00 ONLY!!!*

2:45 PM to 5:45 PM

Buddha on a Bicycle 27 Endell Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9BA, London

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Join us for energising and empowering conversations, giving You the power and desire to be more courageous and confident and enjoying the company of the finest people in London!!!


Tools we select from:

– Mindfulness

– Positive thinking

– Palmistry

– Law Of Attraction

– Happiness

– Self-love

– Relationships

– 5 Second Rule

– Affirmations

– Passion / Purpose

To get Inspired:

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Follow us on Twitter: @_truelifeliving @EYLE_London


  • Identify what you truly want in your life
  • Understand what inspires you
  • Transform negative, limiting thinking and beliefs to empowering ones
  • Understand where your beliefs come from
  • Visualisation to help you achieve success
  • Ways of loving yourself
  • Get your confidence back
  • Get into an action state
  • Transform stress into an empowering state
  • Transform challenges into opportunities
  • …and ultimately feel good!!!

Meet the Empower Your Life Experience – Next Level London Team!!!


2. Personal Performance Coaching (Life Coaching) and NLP

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Personal and Professional Life Coaching with Kristina

*Free one-hour initial consultation with Kristina*

60 minute session / £100.00

(Sessions via Skype or Phone)

**Minimum number of sessions: 6 sessions that can be spread over 6 months OR conducted on a two-weekly OR weekly basis.

**9 month and 12 month sessions are also available.

A safe, secure, fun and professional environment to explore your future possibilities, learn how to move forward in life and achieve your goals & desires.

If you are committed and enthusiastic to make positive and empowering changes in your life, then these one to one structured coaching sessions are for you. The sessions will support and guide you in all areas of your Life.


  • Powerful goal setting quickly and effectively “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
  • Goal planning and achievement in a step by step approach
  • Stay in charge of your future
  • Design your life and discover a better, brighter future for you
  • Manage your state so that you are constantly aware of new choices and possibilities
  • Unlock your potential and explore the things that might be

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3. Guest Speaker

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Contact Us if you wish to book Kristina to deliver an inspirational talk or self-empowerment workshop at your event.