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The sunshine and the soon arriving two beautiful summer months are perfect to get you in the state of mind of focusing on your passion. 

***What is passion? ***

***How do I find it?***

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Here are 3 Genius things I’d like to share with you to energise You and feel more passion this Week.

#3. Learn what passion is and isn’t!!!

I used to wait for THE THING, THE JOB, THE CAREER, THE MAN, THE HOLIDAY that would help me feel more excited about Life. How wrong was I!!! Some think passion and excitement will ONLY come once they have found MR RIGHT or MRS RIGHT or THE RIGHT JOB! Wrong again!

Here is the truth!!!




#2. Ask the right QUESTIONS to lean into your passion!!! 

– What energises me?

– What could I have a conversation about for hours?

– What do people (friends, colleagues, family…) ask me for advice about a lot?

– During the day, what parts of the day do I enjoy the most?

– What am I doing when I forget what time it is?

– What activity do I enjoy so much that I would willingly do it without being paid for it?

– When I walk into a bookstore (or on Amazon) I make a beeline for this section…

– What types of articles and magazines catch my eye?

– Where do I spend most of my money?

– When do I feel the most at peace?

– What do I know more about than most people do?

/questions & statements by awesome Mel Robbins/

#1. Stop saying I don’t know what my passion is!

I remember it was a summer’s day when I was on the phone with a friend complaining about work, my life and how depleted I was. I just kep saying I don’t know what I want. I don’t know what my life purpose is. I don’t want to go back to work after summer.

Guess what! That’s exactly what I got. I carried on not knowing what I wanted and what my life purpose was.  ….Because I kept saying it!!! You get what energy your thoughts give out. 

I then came across Dr. Patricia Cane’s ‘Creating Powerful Affirmations’ online course. I felt my energy change as soon as I read the first two lessons.

I started saying: ‘I know my life purpose. I know my passion. I am in a career where I feel fulfilled. I felt good even though nothing has changed on the outside. And friends, that’s when you attract!!! I attracted good energy by giving out good energy.

I hired a life coach who said to me: ‘You may even get to like your job!’ I laughed. That was summer 2015. Forward 3 years and you’ll find me in the same job but this time, with  passion that I’ve never felt before.

So what’s changed?My attitude, my mindset, and most of all my energy. Through the coaching sessions and practising affirmations I figured that it’s not THE JOB that will make me feel energised but my attitude and FOCUSING ON the parts of the job that I enjoy, and that is the coaching, sharing, caring, empowering and inspiring conversations with my pupils. THAT is my TRUE PASSION.


Q: How can I feel more energised and more passionate?

Answer: Create opportunities that will allow me to engage in coaching, sharing, caring, empowering and inspiring on a daily basis. That’s how I feel passion every day.


ASK YOURSELF THROUGHOUT THE DAY: WHAT ENERGISES ME? WHAT DEPLETES ME? …and simply create opportunities to do more of what energises you and what you enjoy. Engage in those activities more.

To help you, here is Mel Robbins’ smart and super-cool ENERGY GAUGE. I have it above my office desk. Check in with your energy throughout the day. You’ll find the activities that energise you!  Do more of those!!!

‘I have no time.’ can be your excuse. That however, is the recipe for feeling depleted. You can chose to feel depleted over feeling passionate. It’s up to you!

The gauge is a simple but powerful tool. You can choose to put it into practice right now!

For more info on passion, check our this video!

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Look forward to connecting with you on 11th August!!!

All Our Love,

The EYLE-NL Team xxx

Kristina, Nina, Gunita, Maria & Nick xxx

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