How complicated do we want our life to be?

Life is very simple. We make it complicated but it doesn’t have to be.

What we think & what we believe will come true for us. If you get that, you’ll experience more joy & happiness in your life & miracles will start to happen.


Try it now!

A) Write these sentences down:

1. What I think & believe about life:

2. What I think & believe about love:

3. What I think & believe about money:

4. What I think & believe about work / career:

…. so on & so forth. Feel free to carry on with other areas of life that are important to you at this current point in time.

B) Finish off the 4 sentences. You can write as many answers as you want. 

C) Then take one area from the list that is most important to you right now. e.g. Money Read the negative beliefs you wrote about money one by one & ask yourself these questions: 

Do I want that belief to come true for me? 

How will that belief benefit me long term?

I don’t have to believe that anymore. 

D) Next, replace each belief with a positive statement, that feels good to you. 

E) Finally, ask yourself about each new positive statement: How could that benefit me long term?

*Feel free to amend the activity to suit your needs. Do it the way that feels right for you.


What I believe about Money – (disempowering beliefs): Money is hard to come by. You have to work hard for money. As soon as money comes in, it goes out. There’s always something I have to pay off.

Beliefs that wil benefit me long term: My income is constantly increasing. Money comes in quicker than I can spend it. I prosper wherever I turn. People love giving me money. I work smart, not hard. I am abundance.

F) Practise them. First they’ll feel fake. With time you will start to believe them & really feel them. They will then start manifesting. Do it for the feeling of it, not the manifestation of it. 😉

Happy practising!

All My Love

Kristina xxx

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