How do you deal with WORRY?

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Here are 3 Genius things I’d like to share with you this week to energise You and give You an awesome start to the NEW week!!!


Worry has a massive negative impact on your health and wellbeing.

How does our mind work? Our mind has the capacity to magnify a small problem/challenge into a massive disaster within seconds. This leads to anxiety, fear, stress, panick attacks, depression etc.

Think about it. You receive some ‘negative’ news and before you know it, your mind has blown the ‘news’ out of proportion and your mind is in panick mode. You feel anxious, panicky and overwhelmed.


#3. The best mindful tool I’ve acquired & it is backed up by science & recommended by dr’s, is the 3-4-5 BREATHING!!!

Do NOT make the mistake to underestimate this simple technique!!! You can choose to put it into practice right NOW!!!

Combine it with a clever technique called the bodyscan.

To catch your worry before your mind goes into a panick-mode: Learn where in your body the ‘WORRY’ emotion emerges so that when it happens you can catch it. When you start to feel ‘worried’, where in your body do you FEEL it first?

I don’t know about you but for me worry and anxiety arises in my stomach area and it quickly moves to my throat, which then causes my heart rate to increase and my breaths to shorten.

Catch your worry by knowing where it starts AND apply the 3-4-5 breathing!!! It works like magic!

You can’t get rid off worry as us humans have thoughts, impulses and emotions. However, you can learn to manage worry so that it doesn’t hijack your mind and it doesn’t lead to illnesses.

*Recommended book: See the benefits of 3-4-5 breathing & other relaxation techniques in ‘The 4 Pillar Plan’ by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee.

#2. The most powerful interview I have listened to this week!!!

You have the power to talk yourself into your destiny OR talk yourself out of it!

I truly and 100% believe that if you don’t develop and strengthen your faith, your life will be much harder and more often bitter than happy and content. You’ve got to believe that something has your back: the Universe, God, Source energy, whatever you want to call it. Without your connection and faith, you’ll never feel fulfilled.

#1. Finally, watch a simple yet powerful technique to deal with theunexpected, ‘negative’ experiences:

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