How to snap out of negativity


A powerful Mind tool you could play with if you choose to. Straight from the Holistic Training Day I had attended with The Coaching Academy, which was a great awareness-raiser and a fantastic day!!! There is never an ending to Learning and Curiosity!!!

I love CPD (Continuing Professional Development) days, as there are always new skills and tools we can learn to work on ourselves, which is all we can do. Always invest in your own Learning & you will lift yourself to a higher level; noone can take that away from you!!!

We cannot change others. We can only be a catalyst; help others raise awareness and help them have access to more choices. It is then their decision to act on it or discard it. We can only change ourselves.

The whole-day CPD Coaching event addressed a few of my blind spots, which we all have & we constantly work on, as we are on a journey. You learn one lesson and a different lesson crops up.

Whether you believe it or not, we are all vibrational beings and first we feel , then we think.

Enjoy the next powerful Mind Exercise!!!

Get two blank sheets of paper or use a digital device.

• On one piece of paper, list all of the things that are “wrong” in your life – don’t be afraid to be negative – get it all out!
• On the other, write a list of all the positive things in your life right now, including everything that’s “not wrong.”
• When you have finished, place the two pieces of paper side by side and ask yourself …
• “What is of the greatest use to me and what serves me most?
• Focusing on what’s ‘Wrong’ or what’s‘Not Wrong’?”
• When you have decided which list is best for you to dwell on, discard the list you do not wish to focus on – throw it away, maybe even bury or burn it, if you wish to make this a memorable event.

Try reading the remaining list every morning for a week and observe the shift that will happen!!!