I wonder what good can come out of this…

I wonder what good can come out of this…

When you find yourself in a situation that makes you upset, frustrated or angry, instead of giving more and more attention to your negative feelings, just keep repeating over and over again in your head: ‘I wonder what good can come out of this situation…’ This is a tip I’ve once learned from the beloved authentic author, Sonia Choquette.

I use it times and times again and it always works!!!

Today something really got to me at work and I just kept repeating: ‘Something good will come out of this. It always does.’ I wonder what it will be. Something wonderful did come out of it and it made me smile. 🙂

Every time I try this technique, I get really excited 🙂  It’s so much fun to expect something good and positive wondering what it will be. It’s even more fun to see manifestation of my deliberate positive thinking.

Have fun with it!!! Share your successes with Us. 🙂

All My Love xxxx