Intuition vs Ego

imageI had attended the most exciting MindBodySpirit event, The London Wellbeing Festival at Olympia in London a few months ago.

The 3day festival offered aby dance of workshops, free tasters, healing methods incl. yoga, massage, meditation, healthy foods and lots of creative spiritual objects.

I was blessed to attend Sonia Choquette’s Six Sensory Living workshop, which was phenomenal!!!
It is so vital to address all parts of us when we work on ourselves, including our vibration. It’s easy to get wrapped up in what our head says and we start to operate from doubts and fears. Addressing our energy field, listening to our intuition, our heart is the most beneficial thing we can ever do.


i enjoyed this activity immensely at Sonia Choquette’s conference!!! It’s a great awareness raiser!!!
Try it now!

Part 1:
What dog would your ego look like?
What’s his / her name? What is she / he like?
(Your ego is your left-brain / intellect / your head that always tries to justify, argue, has doubts, fears and concerns.)

For example: My dog (ego) is a German Shepherd who wants to guard me and protect me. He doesn’t want me to get out of my comfort zone in case I get hurt. So he barks when I want to try new experiences and when I want to get out of my comfort zone. His name is Dodo.

Part 2:
What would your Spirit look like? (Spirit is the same as Inner Being, Soul, Inner teacher, Intuition etc…)
What’s his / her name? What is she / he like?
(Your Spirit is the essence of you, your heart, your soul, your true, authentic self.)

My Spirit has a sparkly, transparent, soft feel to it. Her name is Rose. She is warm, kind, sensitive, loving, inspiring, curious, creative, funny and excited.

If your dog (ego) barks at you, take him / her for a run. Dance and sing. When you sit down afterwards and breathe through your tummy and out through your heart, you will get to the purest, quietest place that will allow you to listen to your heart and connect with your Spirit.

Then say: My heart says:………. and fill in the blank and repeat it until you have deeply listened to your heart. Write them down.

It’s also useful to write down what the head says:…….. Again keep writing until you fully listened.

We can then address these and change them to empowering affirmations or dig deeper and find out what we are truly afraid of.