Law Of Attraction



I trust all is well in your world.

If it isn’t, and you are experiencing negative energy, feelings or vibes at the moment, remember to appreciate the value in the contrast, which is always reminding you how close or far you are from how your Inner Being feels for you (Inner Being means the same as Source, Soul, Spirit, Inner Self, Intuition, Inner Voice or whatever you want to call it…).

Yes!!! Contrast has a massive value!!! Contrast causes us to gain more and more clarity of what we want. Trust me!!! I’ve recently experienced a big one!!! Appreciate the value in it and you’ll be able to feel clarity and relief quicker, rather than push against and cause resistance.

Your Inner Being is always loving and adoring you and sees you as a whole being.

Your Inner Being never goes back to your past mistakes. Isn’t it a relief to know that?

I love the powerful Law Of Attraction Abraham teachings!!! There is love raining down on you from your Inner Being even when you put the shield up. Even when you guard and protect yourself by feeling fear, self-doubt or guilt, love is raining down on you.

I Landed at London from San Francisco on Thursday!!!
The Alaskan Abraham 2016 Cruise and our Positive Thinking and Law Of Attraction USA workshop tour have been phenomenal!!!

I lover Las Vegas, Seattle and San Francisco and the groups were awesome and completely leading edge!!!


How do we know if we are on the right path?

We have an Emotional Guiding System. We know because of the way we feel. When we feel good, we are in sink with our Inner Being and we feel receptive to all good and abundance. We feel anticipation, ease, joy, we feel curious, excited and exhilirated.

When we don’t feel good, our only job is to feel good. How?

  1. By shifting our focus. Focusing on something that makes us feel good. It could be something simple, as a beautiful tree, a baby, a dog, an inspirational Instagram image or quote, nature, anything …

2. Or we could tell the story how we want it to be, rather than talking about what we do not want. Speak about what we desire rather than what we don’t like in our lives at the moment.

3. We could also appreciate all the things and experiences we have right now, which will put us in the receptive mode, and we will allow the good to flow into our lives.

Can’t wait to share the the most powerful teachings with you from the Alaskan Abraham cruise and the Seattle onland Abraham (Esther Hicks) seminar!!! It was simply mind-blowing!!!

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Saturday, 27 August 2016