Loving February

Dear Friends, 
I trust you are easy on yourself, and take some time out of your busy schedule to honour Yourself. Have a short ‘Me time’ every day.

We are excited to deliver another empowering workshop in March! Come and join us!!! Honour Yourself.

Next EYLE-NL MEETUP: Sat 10th March


It is a powerful afternoon of sharing and learning. A transformative way to focus and take life to new positive levels!!! 

To feel good and to feel gratitude, notice the beautiful nature around you, the enormous Moon, the Sun shining through your windows, the colours in the sky in the mornings, and the trees.
We are almost half way through February. Do your best to take care Yourself. Do your best to Love and Forgive Yourself. 

Since I’ve gone back to the daily 15minute ‘Me time’ in the mornings and the 10minute meditation, I am so much calmer driving to work and I am less reactive at work, too. I feel calm.

As I am getting ready for work – preparing my food for work, ironing my clothes, instead of going through the to-do-list in my head, I practise the 3-4-5 breathing. 

You won’t do it because I am telling you. You will do it, because of the way it makes you feel during and after these practices. 

Dedicate February to loving and honouring yourself. RELAX. BREATHE. PRACTISE SILENCE. GIVE YOURSELF A 15-MINUTE DAILY ME TIME. 

Inspirational videos:

Oprah & Eckhart:

Lifestyle, Health & Happiness – AMAZING!!!

Love Yourself with Louise Hay

The New Earth

Our Eternal Love,
The EYLE-NL Team dedicated to wellbeing and happiness

Nina, Kristina, Gunita & Nick xxx

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