Loving Kindness…


Notice in the upcoming week, how good you feel when you can give a helping hand. That could be giving up your seat, opening a door for someone, helping with someone’s suitcase or buggy at the underground station, complimenting a shop assistant’s kindness or smile etc.

The more you practise loving kindness, the more kindness will come looking for you.

We were looking for our hotel in France recently, lugging our suitcase in the heat, when a young woman stopped her car and offered directions and a lift to the hotel. She welcomed us in South of France and wished us a lovely holiday. This gesture makes me want to help even more people. KINDNESS IS CONTAGIOUS!!! 


When we feel upset, sad, down, overwhelmed, putting our focus on someone else eases our pain. It shifts our focus, distracts our brain, and it fills our heart with love and compassion. COMPASSION CAN DO AMAZING THINGS!!!


If there is a person who irritates you, mentally send Divine or angelic love and Light to them. If you are spiritual, pray for them. Love heals. Love liberates.

All My Love, xxx

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