Merry Christmas!

Dear Beloved,

Wishing you All a joyous and harmonious Christmas and a New Year 2018 abundant in love, joy, vitality, excitement and adventure!

Whatever happened in 2017, good or bad, put it down as growth. It’s also in the past! Dwelling on it stops you from honouring and fulling experiencing Life. BE HERE NOW! Life is only in the present!

That’s why is called a present; it’s a gift. 

We are so appreciative of your commitment and focus to raise the energy on our Planet Earth!
Keep shining your Light, make others laugh, inspire & empower others and practise loving kindness. That is our life purpose! 😉
When you feel like changing the other person, become aware of You! Continue to mould yourself! You are the only person you could really ever change. You can empower others but it will always be their choice to change or not. 
Enjoy the ride! We are here to experience love and joy and that’s who you truly are! Remember, You are connected to the powerful Source Energy. The Universe always has your back! Trust!
Love Yourself no matter what.
All My Love,

Kristina xxx

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