Mindful March

Dear Friends, 

We trust you are taking actions towards appreciating all the ‘small’ things in your Life. Heating, hot water, transport, the Sun, the flowers, the trees, your breath … 

We are excited to deliver another empowering and transformative workshop in March! Come and join us!!! Honour Yourself.

Next EYLE-NL MEETUP: Sat 10th March


Sat 10th March *Self Empowerment WORKSHOP EYLE-NL!!! Xxx

Saturday, Mar 10, 2018, 12:00 PM

Honister Place
Honister Place London, GB

4 Well Beings Attending

EMPOWER YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCE: GO FOR GREATNESS WORKSHOP!!! Empower Your Life Experience 2018!!! Saturday 10th March ***Super early bird only £20!!!*** ***Meetup Only £99*** In the event of non-attendance -we are unable to offer refunds or roll over the RSVPs to future events. Thank you! Watch our exciting trailer!!! :o)x – Mindfulness – Law Of Attr…

Check out this Meetup →

It is a powerful afternoon of sharing and learning. A transformative way to focus and take life to a new positive level!!! 

We have stepped into March and we notice the nature transforming.

These wonderful flowers are from Greenwich Park. 

Dedicate this month to be fully aware and present in each activity / task that you do. Try to do one small thing at a time and bring your full attention to it. It will take you to the next best moment. 

Practise the 3-4-5 breathing when you feel overwhelmed or stressed. Or simply breathe in and breathe out whilst noticing your breath that is always there and that is always serving you.

This will bring you back to the now.

Another way you could bring yourself back to the moment from stress or overwhelm is to look at something in nature, e.g. a tree, flower, a bird, a squirell …

Eat mindfully. Eat more regularly without the TV on and without any other digital gadgets, e.g. your phone. Really taste your food by chewing it a number of times. You will be suprised how much more mindful your conversations will be with your loved ones when you eat together without the TV on.
Dedicate March to being fully in the NOW. Life is only in the present moment. Look up and look around you more often instead of getting trapped in your head or having your headphones on. 
Notice your BREATHING. 
DISTRACT YOURSELF FROM THE DRAMA WITH CONSCIOUSLY BREATHING IN AND OUT. You will be surprised at the results you will achieve.


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My Eternal Love,

Kristina xxx

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