Moulding the clay…




Dear Friends,

I trust all is well in your world and that you are in great Spirit! If you are practising appreciation or counting your blessings in the mornings when you are getting ready for work or perhaps in the evenings before you go to bed, you cannot help it but feel good. That’s why we are here. For those good feelings.

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Being around positive thinkers and people who are willing to take inspired actions is uplifting beyond measure!!! The vibes we get from these workshops is the most beautiful manifestation!!! Forget about ‘stuff’, the ‘energy’ we experience in an inspired environment like this is like finding our true self.

I had been wanting to change career. I had also been listening to Esther Hicks Abraham’s teachings in the mornings whilst getting ready for work.

Abraham always teaches ‘get happy now’ and don’t wait for the conditions to change to be happy. Easily said than done. I thought, if I just change my job, I’d be happy.

Abraham also teaches that the physical manifestation, the destination is NOT the MAIN EVENT. It is the good feelings and inspiration that we experience along the way, whilst ‘moulding the clay’ (whilst perfecting our craft) AND the energy in our belly are the manifestation we are here for. I now get it!!!

Listen to full clip here:

When we get into that inspired place, where we just feel eager for all that is to come and excited about the never-ending desires, we are happy. We however, have to make peace with the fact that we will never get it done, as we constanly have new desires, which is the most amazing feeling, as we constantly expand!!! When people ask me why I am so happy, I say: I am just happy.

I started doing appreciation work in the mornings – I sing them out loud: ‘Thank you for the loving, blessed life I have. Thank you for the loving, beautiful family. Thank you for the loving, beautiful partner. Thank you for the loving, beautiful friends. Thank you for the loving, beautiful students and colleagues. Thank you for the beautiful holidays. Thank you for my workplace that has given me focus, creativity, imagination and a stream of new desires. Thank you for my soul that is always guiding me by how I feel. Thank you for all the wonderful people in my Life.

This daily appreciation practise combined with taking deep breaths in and out and observing my breathing as I’m travelling to work have worked wonders. I am happy for all the beautiful things in my life, people, connections, places, opportunities, inspiration and what is to come. Everyone in our lives shows up to teach us a Life Lesson we came here to learn. Thank them. Even if they are challenging.

When Sir Terry Wogan was asked what his ultimate ambition was, he responded:

‘I’d hate to have an ultimate ambition.
I have ambitions that take me from year to year, things I would like to do.’

Watch the full clip here:

Terry Wogan had constant stream of desires, things he wanted to do, instead of aiming for THE ONE desire, ‘the ultimate desire’ and putting pressure on himself to achieve it. It was all fun for him! Everything was fun! He enjoyed the journey! All of it!!!

Feeling good is the only thing we have control over!!! We can feel good now. Life really is what you make of it!
Let’s learn how to feel good pre-manifestation.

Enjoy the Journey and the good vibes along the way! Don’t wait for the ‘stuff’ to manifest to get happy. There’s no end. We’ll continue to have new desires. Make peace with it. Contrast will prompt us of what we don’t want and at the same time what we do want.

All My Love
Kristina Futoova
NLP Inspiration Life Coach,
Heal Your Life Workshop Leader,
FE Lecturer
Law Of Attraction Workshop Leader