Opportunity in every experience

Dear Friends

I was super-excited about a Neal Donald Walsch event recently. He is such a wonderful and authentic teacher.
We turned up for the event and were told the one-day conference was not going to go ahead and the reason for cancellation was unknown.

In the past I would have got very upset, even angry. This time I remembered the teachings I have learned from various inspirational teachers over the years, like Sonia Choquette, Louise Hay, Esther Hicks, Thich Nhat Hanh, Alan Cohen, Cheryl Richardson & Robert Holden.

My first thought was ‘I wonder what good will come out of this situation.’ I wondered what positive would emerge from this situation. (For this tip I’m forever grateful to beloved author and speaker Sonia Choquette who I’m excited to see at her ‘Raise Your Vibration’ conference on 21st Nov with my friend Nina.)

Secondly, I sent blessings, wellbeing and love to Neal Donald Walsch and his loved ones, as we didn’t know if he was well or what other personal emergency had come up.

Next, I sent the same empowering and healing vibration & energy to the organisers who had to break the ‘bad’ news on the day and hope all attendees were spiritual enough to accept divine order. Lol I heard one lady say: ‘All in Divine timing’, which I thought was the perfect mature spiritual mindset & attitude!!!

Finally, I sent the same positive energy to the attendees, some of whom may have travelled far from various other countries.

What good came out of it?
I sat in a cafe, which I absolutely love, and completed the Information Pack my Life Coach-to-be had sent me. I’m ready to take on one to one sessions with a Life Coach to find my path of least resistance, joy and freedom.

What have I learned?

Every situation can be a bad or upsetting one if we choose a mind-set of Life being unfair or unkind. Or we can see the positive alternative and say: ‘I wonder what good will come out of this situation.’ or ‘Things are always working out for me.’

The same mind that creates disempowering thoughts and a feeling of anger, sadness, upset, jealousy or disappointment the same mind is also capable of creating empowering and good-feeling thoughts.

Our mind is very powerful and we can control it based on what thoughts we choose and ultimately how that will make us feel.

Decide to feel good just for the sake of feeling good and not for any other reason, just purely for emotional manifestation.

Happy practising of good-feeling thoughts!!!

All My Love xxxx