Purpose of Life

Ever wondered why we are here and what our Purpose is? Is there more to Life than getting that perfect relationship, house, holiday, car or career?

I trust All of you who celebrate Easter have had a wonderful time!!! What a fantastic time of the year!!! For me Easter is the time of new blessings, hope, love, peace, happiness, vitality and vibrant health. So let’s embrace the colours of Spring and the new things ahead.

I would like to share a story that happened Easter Sunday and put my Life into perspective. I am sure you will find it simple to relate to the experience.

Life is so mysterious. It really is teaching us through every experience or encounter we have. We just have to see each moment as an opportunity to learn and grow. “What can I learn from this experience?” ask yourself.

  • On Easter Sunday there were lots of people at the church. My partner and I could only find space at the back of the church. As I was standing and waiting for the mass to start, I was getting frustrated and annoyed, almost angry that we couldn’t be nearer to the front. The moment the mass had started and Fr Witon appeared with a smile, my partner and I looked at each other and we both had the biggest smile on our faces. Fr Witon is one of the most humorous, kind, friendly and empathetic parish priest we have ever met.
  • At that moment my frustration and annoyance had dissolved. I realised the purpose of Life. The legacy that I feel most of us want to leave behind is to be remembered as a kind, generous and joyful person, so that when our name gets mentioned, people will also add: “She was lovely and so kind.” “He was so generous and had a big heart.” “She/He always had a smile on her/his face.” Then you know you have touched people’s lives, which I feel is the purpose of Life. It is the biggest gift we can ever give and leave behind.

Life is not about getting that perfect relationship, house, job etc. A meaningful Life is about human connections and how many people’s lives we touch.

Remember the last time you have done good for another person. When you do good (even if it’s just giving up your seat or saying thank you to the bus driver or smiling and making a conversation with the shop assistant), it makes you feel good. Then that person, as they feel good, too, may do the same kind act for someone else.

Random act of kindness and human connections (conversations, kindness, smiles, empathy, compassion, motivation, kind words) are two simple keys to happiness. They don’t cost anything.

What can you do today to touch someone’s Life?