React OR Respond?

External Power – is #FEAR based. It is the need to manipulate, to control, the pain of wanting to belong, wanting to please or wanting more money, popularity etc. You are trying to cover up your powerlesness. You are trying to fill a vacuum. You are controlled by the frightened parts of your personality and you REACT with anger, anxiety, jealousy, resentment, vengeance etc. and you create destructive consequences and you are going to experience them.

Authentic Power – is #LOVE based. It is when your personality aligns with the energy of the soul. When you create with authentic power, you are in bliss, joy, appreciation, you are excited to be alive and you feel unstoppable. You RESPOND to situations constructively and responsibly.

In any moment of negative emotion, you can CHOOSE to RESPOND or REACT.

More #inspiration 

by #Oprah #Winfrey & #Gary #Zukav:

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