Smart 2018 Clock

I trust you have enjoyed the holiday period and are refreshed and revived. What better way to kick off 2018 with some sort of positive something! Commit to anything that helps you feel a little better and you’ll reap the rewards. There’s really no time like the present!

Daily practice + commitment is so good!!! START TODAY!

Whether it’s a few minutes of meditation, prayer, a list of appreciation, ‘I am’ affirmations, thanking for what is in your life, affirming a kind of day you want, blessing your enemies, visualising your goals or anything positive. Just try something! You never know it could change your life! 

First EYLE-NL Meetup of 2018 – super early bird available!!!

Hope to see you there!


Kick off your year with some positivity! There’s nothing quite like being surrounded by positive people, we absolutely love the buzz and we have missed you all! 

All are warmly welcome- complete beginners to more advanced thinkers! It’s a lovely relaxed atmosphere!

When I had the New Year’s get-together with the learners at the college I teach at, and asked for feedback on our programmes, most of our learners said they liked the supportive people and friendly atmosphere. That is clear evidence that we all want to connect and education for some is often secondary, and connecting with others in a supportive environment is primary. 

Check out the smart 2018 clock link that was sent to me by a beloved friend. Be sure to watch it until the end!

Smart Clock 2018 Video

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