Stuck in a rut

Same Old Sign.

Many people remain having wish lists and playing it safe and never really experience true success and the feeling of fulfillment.
Many stay in their professions to make ends meet and never or hardly ever dare venture out & take actions towards following their passion and expressing their highest potential.

Many just go through life and waste their talents, abilities & true potential.

I always advise my teenage and adult students, even if they are not in the position to do what they truly want & follow their passion right now, at least make a start. Take a small step forward & keep at it, taking small steps & trust you’ll be supported.
Do it as a hobby if you’re scared that you won’t be able to make ends meet or if you’re scared you won’t succeed. This is just your ego (fear and self-doubt) talking.

Sometimes my students’ desires don’t match with their parents’ desires. Every parent wants the best for their children. Often art – music, performing arts, drawing, rapping, painting are not favoured by pupils’ parents as they are seen to be professions that do not provide steady income. I ask my students what it is that they truly want and encourage them to follow it as a hobby. You’ll never know who will see your drawings or who will hear you sing or rap.


Ask yourself now:
1. What it is that I truly want?
2. How would it be if things were how I wanted them to be?
3. What makes me feel alive?
4. What excites me?
5. What it is that makes me lose myself in the moment?
6. What am I good at?

Your heart will start talking. Listen to all the answers no matter how impossible, crazy or unrealistic they may be. Write them down. That’s the key.

The last question (6) requires confidence. Often we are scared to declare what we are good at. Be confident to say: I am good at ….
It is not boasting, it’s stating your strengths.

To help you identify what you are good at, think about something that you had done really well recently. Ask yourself: What skills and strengths did I demonstrate in that situation? What strengths did I need to do that activity or deal with that situation well or really well?

Even busy mums who work so hard at home & may not have another profession, have a vast amount of skills for example. Multi-tasking, time-keeping, creativity, imagination, communication skills, patience, open-mindedness, care, con passion, adaptibility, flexibility etc. are all skills you need in order to juggle tasks when dealing with children and other chores.

After you have answered the top 5 questions, choose the most exciting answer / activity that makes you feel alive, that is your true passion.

I challenge you to take the first step towards it! Just a tiny step.

Move to the side all negative beliefs such as, ‘But what if…..’ Or ‘I don’t have time…’ Or ‘I don’t have the money’.
There are so many community activities and Meetup groups that get people together in various topics, from yoga, walking, drawing to singing, cycling etc. So no excuse!!!

If you are one of those who runs around for other people trying to please everyone, it’s time YOU CLAIMED YOUR ‘ME TIME’!!!
I challenge you to put time aside each week for something you absolutely love and that feeds your soul.

People around you may complain at the beginning but will get used to it. Having ‘Me time’, doing something that makes you feel alive will put you in a happy and excited state, which everyone around you will benefit.

If you want a little help with generating options and possibilities, these questions may help you:

1. What steps could I take to follow my passion (as a hobby) right now?
2. What would I advise my best friend if she / he came to me with the same question?
3. If I feared the fear and did it anyway, what could I do to follow my passion?
4. If I wasn’t scared of failure, what could I do?
5. What would my role model do?
6. What could I do that is completely unlike ‘me’?
7. Consider some of the wacky and crazy possibilities you’d love to do