Take it easy…

Laugh at yourself and nothing can touch you!

When we were recently in beautiful Port Grimaud in South of France we ate at a french seaside restaurant that is very fast-moving and people are constantly flooding in, as its in a tourist hotspot and it serves a variety of food.
We know from past experience that we have to wait a long time to be served, so we laughed about it! We appreciated that the waitress was the same sweet and cheerful girl and the dessert serving waiter was the same funny man (he likes to joke and sing) as last year. We come back year after year, as the the waiters are sweet, the food is delicious, and worth the wait.

I observed how seriously people took not just the waiting time but also almost fighting over free tables.
A couple got so frustrated, they stopped talking to each other, and ate the dinner ignoring each other.
Another couple started arguing about whose idea it was to come to the restaurant.
I observed it with appreciation that my partner and I did not stop having laughs and practised patience. The waiters were extra kind to us, as they noticed we appreciated their efforts, we smiled at them and spoke kindly to them.

We take it for granted that tomorrow we’ll wake up, we will breathe and be able to make up after arguments. If you love someone let them know in words, small acts or gestures. Let them know you appreciate their being, their existence and because they are in your life experience.
I always say Thank You to my partner when he does housework, small acts of kindness or surprises.
Appreciate their acts, their beingness and all the life lessons you learn from them. Your children, husbands, friends, parents are in your life for a reason; for you to learn your life lessons!

Show your appreciation to the postman, the cashier at your local supermarket, the bus driver, smile at them and use kind words when speaking to them. It will lift you up and you will make someone else feel good, too. Treat others how you want to be treated.  And if by any chance you don’t get a response, it was never between you and them, and it’s ALWAYS between you and you.

Why not live each moment fully? Laugh about things like restaurant adventures and be a bit more light-hearted. After all, who cares who is right and who is wrong. If you have to wait a long time, enjoy the view or have a meaningful conversation with your partner or friend. You always have a choice to shift your focus. You could simply leave if you don’t have the patience to wait OR stay, enjoy your time for now.

Life is supposed to feel good! (Abraham Hicks)