Comments from coaching sessions


“…gently guided me and firmly kept me on track.”

Kristina is an extremely competent coach who is confident and experienced enough to trust her intuition. From the word go I knew I was in safe hands and really felt the outstanding support that she offers every step of the way. Her professional manner and caring attitude meant that she was able to gently guide me and firmly keep me on track – just what was needed!

Thank you Kristina for your encouragement and for paying such close attention to what I was saying. The way you reflected the words back to me has given me some real insights and ‘aha’ moments. It has changed the way I view my achievements which is something very empowering that I can now take forward with me in my life.

Kristina will help you to make significant changes in your life as you work towards your goals, however stuck you are feeling. She will help you to come up with achievable steps to get there (and remind you to write down those brilliant ideas when you forget them – thanks so much for that Kristina!!!)

I would highly recommend Kristina as an outstanding coach and the best I have had the privilege to work with.

IJ /Garden Designer & Landscape Gardener/, Aston Clinton


“Kristina has a great energy and passion about her!” Silvana

Kristina is a fantastic coach and I would highly recommend her!

Kristina really impressed me with her powerful questioning techniques and totally challenged my way of thinking. I found her coaching sessions beneficial and inspiring, helping me see things from a completely different light. Her guidance has really helped me move forward with my business and personal objectives and I have achieved some great results from our coaching sessions!

On top of this, I found the coaching very enjoyable – Kristina has a great energy and passion about her! After each session I felt inspired and exhilarated and very motivated towards achieving my goals.

Thank you for giving me greater clarity and focus in my life and for all your support! It has been a truly valuable experience and worthwhile investment! Silvana D’Imperio /Business Professional/


Comments from True Life Living & Heal Your Life Experience Workshops


“…I really felt uplifted…”

“Thank you so much for your fantastic workshop on work and success. I really felt uplifted participating in your workshop. Your meditation was lovely and made me feel positive about obtaining succcess. I really enjoyed the activity around identifying Negative messages and creating Affirmations. These will certainly help me in my current work situation. Highly recommended workshop.” Matthew McQuigg, Birmingham


“I cannot express how useful I found it and how much it helped me…”

“I’m writing to Thank you for inviting me to the HYLE event in Covent Garden.

I cannot express how useful I found it and how much it helped me with my grief of losing my beloved Auntie in October.

At the very beginning, when I looked at you and the other teachers, I felt there was such energy and enthusiasm glowing from you all that I though you were under a spotlight. It was such a pleasure to have a lecture delivered by people that believed in what they were talking about and wanted to share their knowledge. I found your delivery in bite size pieces so easy to digest and the gaps in each section meant we had pauses to think about what we had taken on board.

Again, thank you for such an interesting and useful day.” AL


“Lighter, Brighter and Freer.”

“Thank you for an amazing workshop, I cannot believe the emotions, which I have finally managed to release. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Lighter, Brighter and Freer. Would recommend this to anyone feeling stuck.” Trudi Campbell, Edinburgh


“…thought provoking process…”

“Thank you so much for your wonderful Heal Your Life workshop on Work and Success. It was such a thought provoking process and your initial mediation was lovely. You have such a beautiful soft voice – I was mesmerised. I would highly recommend your workshops. Wishing you every success.” Love and Light, Morag Connell, Glasgow


“…came away feeling more confident…”

“I found Kristina’s workshop in Birmingham July 2013 helped me in ways I didn’t expect and I came away feeling more confident. Kristina, thanks I’m now on the right path. I feel truly blessed that you were part of my heal your life experience.” Sam, Southport