Transition – Everything is unfolding perfectly

A few days ago I was teaching Law Of Attraction and Positive Thinking in San Francisco. Beautiful city with leading edge co-creators!!! Loved every minute of it!!!

It was my very first USA tour combined with my very first Abraham (Esther Hicks) cruise in Alaska!!! I felt my vibration rocketed to its highest!!! The stunning views in Alaska, the glacier, whale watching, being in nature with breathtaking views, the Abraham teachings and seminars and most importantly connecting with positive, like-minded people all contributed to my high vibration.

Along with high vibration however, often comes contrast, which has value; it teaches us about our life lessons and how we can grow further to reach our highest potential. (*look out for an upcoming post on this topic*)


Our workshop overlooked the sea, and I could see the Golden Gate Bridge from the distance!!! I had one desire. To see the bridge in her full magnificence!!!

Next day, with a friend I set out to view the famous landmark only to find the bridge in dense fog!!! I wondered what that represented in my life. I wondered…

When you wonder instead of getting upset, you get in touch with your Inner Being, your Spirit. Answer will always follow if you trust and let go. I didn’t think much of it, we laughed it off and promised I’d return to San Francisco to walk through the bridge and see it in clear weather conditions.

We then headed off to the airport and forgot all about it (let it go).  As I was relaxing in the lounge, I pulled out a book a dearest friend and intuitive life coach gave me. I asked the question ‘What do I need to know right now?‘ When I randomly opened the book, the page I was presented with titled ‘Crossing Bridges‘!!! I knew immediately it had something to tell me. The message was beautiful and very reassuring, which I believe was triggered by my new adventure in the USA and my first Abraham cruise.

Bridges are metaphors for the transitions in our lives. They represent that ‘unknown, in-between stage between the past and future, which could result in the feeling of uncertainty for some. Life requires us to get on that transitional bridge, and walk away from our past and set out on a journey toward the future.”  (‘Life Lessons’ by Donnalynn Civello)

“Even if we don’t see the bridge in its full length, the bridge is still there. Sometimes we have to walk in the dark (or fog in my case), and it may be challenging to find our way, but there is always a handrail to guide us.” (‘Life Lessons’ by Donnalynn Civello)

Our Inner Being / Spirit / Source energy is always Divinely guiding us. When we feel good, we are on the right path. When we don’t feel good, our only job is to feel good to align with our Inner Being and all the good in life.

“We have to trust our many bridges in our lives. They will always get to where we want to go” if we trust the path, and listen to our feelings and Inner guidance. We are here to enjoy the journey including the contrast, the occasional fog.

We trust that…


We are where we are, and that’s OK. If we make peace with where we are right now, new ideas will flow that will bring the feelings of anticipation and exhilaration. We will feel sureness and knowing. It is the best place to be in!!!