We don’t always need to reinvent the Wheel

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I trust you are in great Spirit and that you have enjoyed Easter!!!
Whether you celebrate Easter or not, Spring is the time for renewal and rebirth. Connecting with nature, its beauty, colours and scents our Planet Earth so generously offers every day is an easy way to rejuvenate and feel good.

  1. Only when we feel good, should we attempt to work towards our desire (goal). Good vibes and positive energy always attract great opportunities.

2. If we plan for success, we will succeed!!!
Believing 100% in our desire is vital. If we don’t believe we can achieve it, we won’t even attempt our goal. Instead, we will procrastinate and feel bad about it.

3. A plan – a goal broken down to manageable actions are required in order to achieve our desires. Without actions, we will keep dreaming.

4. Putting a rough marker on when it is realistic to achieve our desire is another key factor. If we are not certain about a specific deadline, we could say something like ‘by June 2016 or earlier.’

5. With a fresh perspective we see new possibilities for the way forward. Here is one way of generating new possibilities:

Labelling Our Skills
We do need a set of skills / strengths to achieve our desires.
However, we don’t always need to reinvent the wheel. We have existing skills to transfer from one area to another.

Complete this ACTIVITY on your own (you can coach yourself) or with a person you trust and who is open-minded. If you are working with someone, one of you will be the coach and the other person will be the client. Once the activity is complete, you can switch roles.

  • COACH to the client: Briefly describe an issue you are currently facing. Encourage client to write it down.
  • COACH: Now. Describe something you have done recently (I.e. this week) that you thought you did well or exceptionally well. Client can write it down, describe it in words or pictures or draw it if they wish.
  • COACH: As a coach, your role is to label the skills the client used. Once you named the skills, identify the skills that may be less obvious to the client.

Example: Client may say she/he picked up their children from school on time and organised great, fun activities for them at home, which the kids enjoyed. You could say the have: planning, organisation, time-keeping, creativity, imagination, multitasking, teamwork skills etc.

  • COACH: Encourage the client to write these skills down. Ask client what other skills they may have demonstrated that may not be obvious.
  • COACH: Ask the client: ‘If you had to use each one of these skills, what options would that give you in relation to the issue you are facing right now (issue that client described briefly at the beginning of the conversation). Client can record answers in a table, I.e similar to the one below.
  • imageCOACH: Ask client which skill jumps out that they could use here (in relation to their issue).

This activity is designed to remind ourselves of our existing skills / strengths and how we can transfer them from past success to a current area or problem we are facing. There is no need to reinvent the wheel just remind ourselves of our strengths, which will open up new possibilities.

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