What is complete Freedom?

‪Once you got it that it is the ride, the fun, the connecting, the growing, the evolving that we are here for, you’ll achieve complete #freedom‬
Detach yourself from the outcome. Do it for the good feelings of it rather than for the manifestation of the end result.

We are really doing things to achieve the ‘by-products‘. Examples: 

– You may want to be fit, because it gives you confidence, excitement and/or energy.

– You may smoke, because the deep inhalation and exhalation relaxes you or because you can socialise and chat and connect with people whilst on a cigarette break. 

– You may drink because you feel more relaxed and bubbly when you do.

– You may want a qualification or an award because it gives you a confidence boost.

– You may want a house, because you want to feel secure and happy.

– You may want a partner, because you want to feel happyrespected and loved.

You may want a good job or boss, because you want to feel respected and valued.

The buy-product is always an emotional manifestation. That’s what you truly want.

Focus on creating these feelings e.g. feeling happy, relaxed, secure, confident on a daily basis and you will not need the ‘stuff’ to fill the void. 

The stuff brings short-lived happiness. E.g. a pair of trainers. 

Focusing on creating the by-products, the feelings on a daily basis without the stuff guarantees long-lasting freedom and happiness. 

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