What is the Law Of Attraction? 

‪Your thoughts vibrate out energy.It is scientifically proven.

Think encouraging and empowering thoughts & you will attract those experiences.‬ 

If you keep complaining and talking about what doesn’t work and what you don’t want, guess what? You will attract similar experiences. It’s law! It’s the Law of Atrraction. 

Think inspiring thoughts. 

Use the I AM statements to help: I am energetic! I am smart! I am full of vitality! I am joyful! I am loving! I am balanced! I am playful! I am humourous! I am courageous! I am whole! I am heard! I am seen! I am soul! I am enough! I am complete! Imagine if you practised this every day! You’d be unstoppable! 

Happy practising! All My Love, Kristina xxx 

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