Why does Contrast feel so bad?


Why do we feel contrast when we start practising alignment with Source energy?


Explanation of some terms  before you read on:

*Source energy, Inner Being, Spirit, Soul all mean the same.

*Alignment with Source energy means deliberately creating good-feeling thoughts and feeling positive emotions. Source Energy (or Inner Being) is only able to focus on positives and always feels love, appreciation and adoration for us. Our Inner being never focuses on past mistakes and negative experiences.

When I came back from the phenomenal Alaskan Abraham Hicks cruise a couple of weeks ago, I was faced with a massive contrast! Big time! It felt so strong, it made me almost physically sick.

Why did I feel the contrast so intensely, when my vibration was rocket high after the cruise and the Abraham lectures? I felt excited for life and exhilaration about the next adventure and what was unfolding. Then bang!!! I am slapped with a huge contrast.

When we Raise our vibration (which is the topic of our next Meetup workshop on 27th August), we feel unstoppable; we feel true, sure, excited, love, knowing, certainty, anticipation and exhilaration, and we know for sure that we aligned with Source energy, as it feels good.

Our Inner Being holds a steady stream of positive emotions, no matter what; always cheering us on, loving and adoring us, and guiding us to good-feeling thoughts, even when we feel self-doubt, fear, guilt or anger.
When we feel bad, we’re not aligned with our true self, our Source Energy.

So when something ‘negative’ crops up, we will feel it strong and bad, as we had experienced the good (the high vibration) before. The higher your vibration was before the contrast, the stronger you will feel the negative emotion. Once you have practiced high vibration energy,  it no longer feels natural to feel bad. So it’s strong when something negative crops up.

How do you get back to alignment?

The most powerful message I took away from Abraham’s teaching on the Alaskan cruise was to say THANK YOU for the contrast!!! I said THANK YOU for the contrast and the VALUE that it had in for me. With contrast came more CLARITY and knowing what I didn’t want and therefore, knowing what I did want.

I also practised APRECIATION for all the good in my life, including my recent wonderful US travel experiences, the beautiful people I met on the cruise and in the workshops, the pure and positive connections with people, the travel, the scenery, the growth and expansion.

Appreciation for me is the TOP practice that could very quickly take us to the ideal ‘HOPEFULNESS‘ emotional state, which is when we begin to BELIEVE CHANGE could happen.

Another powerful practice I had learned from Abraham’s teaching was to make peace with where we are right now and use empowering mantras, such as:
‘I am where I am and that’s OK. Everything is unfolding perfectly. Things are always working out for me!!!’

I kept saying these affirmations over and over again. It gave me a feeling of TRUST in the process of life.

On the other hand, I also took RESPONSIBILITY. I acknowledged that I attracted the contrast with my thoughts, as thoughts create feelings, which then vibrate out energy to the Universe.
The Universe then says: ‘Your wish is my command!‘ and fulfills the vibration we send out, whether it is negative or positive.

Just like we can deliberately create good feelings, we can also manifest negative feelings, depending on what’s in our vibration. Vibration is created by focusing on positive or negative thoughts.

When something good happens, say: ‘I’ve created this!!!’

Take responsibility when contrast or negative feelings manifest! Say: ‘I created this too!!!’ ‘What can I do differently next time?

Maybe I could catch it early next time, when it begins to feel negative and shift my focus to more positive aspects, such as appreciation.

Finally, every experience is a MIRROR. BIG TIME!!! Whether you want to take this on board and accept it or not, this is the case!
We are always observing in others what’s going on within us.

If you find someone else is operating and acting from ‘insecurity’ or ‘lack of self-worth, the chances are we have those issues too.

It’s not criticism. It’s about becoming aware of it and ask: ‘How am I insecure at times?’ ‘How do I behave when I’m insecure?’ ‘What can I do to feel secure from within?’ (rather than trying to change the other person or worse, blame them. You then end up acting like a victim and losing your inner power to change.)

In a nutshell, our task is to constantly work on closing the gap between how WE feel now and how SOURCE ENERGY feels for us.

Now it’s your turn!

Think about a contrast you’ve experienced recently. Reflect on the message above and see how you can get to the ‘Hopefulness’ emotional state, where you begin to BELIEVE change and positive emotions could manifest.

Outstanding video on experiencing contrast when you start practising alignment:
Abraham Hicks on contrast

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