Why don’t we set goals?

Successful people set goals and take actions on them. This is a fact.
However, there are a number of reasons why some of us do not set goals and take actions towards them, which causes Life happening to us rather then us taking responsibility and creating our own experiences.

1. No clarity

Chaos in our head. If we are trying to focus on too many different things at the same time, we may end up procrastinating, as we cannot see clearly. We know what we don’t want, I.e. I hate my job; I don’t like being on my own; I don’t like the way I feel; I don’t have enough money; I don’t have any friends to talk to; I don’t want to smoke etc. but find it hard to identify what it is that we do want.

In that case write down what problems you have now and how they impact your life. Then identify your desired outcome and which one you would like to focus on first, – which one is the most important one to work on first.
Next, imagine success. Imagine the ideal situation – what would be happening, what would you see and hear and most importantly how would you feel if everything was how you wanted it to be.

2. Fear

Fear can be a another big factor in not setting goals and actions:
Fear of not being good enough to achieve what we want
Fear of Failure. (Failure really means our 1st attempt in learning)
Fear of Success and Greatness
Fear of Rejection
Fear of not being Loved
We don’t feel worthy of success
Feeling we don’t deserve
There are lots of beliefs we form throughout our childhood and teenage years that are disempowering and hold us back from achieving our dreams. (Belief is just a thought that we keep thinking over and over again. We can build new habits.)

Fear the fear and do it anyway!!! It’s usually us who scare ourselves with thoughts like ‘But what if…..’
Life must be lived with no regrets. Just Go For It and you will never say: ‘I wish I …’
Anyway, it’s only scary before you start it. Trust me. Most of my life coach clients say the same. It is daunting to think about the goal but once it is identified and broken down, it’s doable and fun. Before I started teaching teenagers and coaching, I was petrified. Once I have got into it and practised it, it was and continues to be very rewarding!!!

3. Circle of Support

Trying to do achieve our goal independently is another reason for us not being proactive. We all need support. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. In Life we must learn to give and receive. Build a circle of support and only tell people about your goals who believe in you. Sonia Choquette refers to these people as ‘Your Believing Eyes’. There will always be ‘Stink Eyes’ who will doubt you and try to put you off. Don’t share your goals with them and don’t judge them either. They perhaps behave in that way as your goal triggered something they wanted to achieve for a while.

4. Goal too BIG

First thing first. Start with small, manageable steps. Goals that take you 2-4 weeks to achieve are good short goals that will contribute to achieving your long-term goal. See previous emails about setting SMART goals with 4P’s.

5. Network

The Internet has opened up new ways of networking. Take Meetup as an example. You tap in the topic you are interested in, I.e. ‘life coaching’ or ‘self-empowerment’, enter the location, I.e ‘London’ and you get lots of network groups where you can meet like-minded people and gain support in your area of interest.

6. Reward Yourself

To motivate and respect yourself, set a reward for each small achievement. It is better if you reward yourself with experiences, I.e. pampering, short-break, fun activities rather than physical items. Experiences give you long-lasting happiness whilst joy triggered by items are short-lived.

Come and play with us setting possible and inspirational goals that are personal to you and practise coaching each other. The best way to learn is to apply your knowledge. Hence this workshop being highly-practical. You will learn a range of tools and techniques to turn those dreams into manageable and enjoyable goals.

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I started the London Life Coaching and Self-Empowerment group to bring like-minded people together who are aspired, motivated and committed to learn practical tools to turn their passion into reality, and enhance their life experiences. These tools can be applied in relationships, career, health or wealth. All skills levels are welcome

Life should not feel difficult and hard. We create our own experiences!!! Learn to make your life a positive and joyful experience!!

Just Go For It!!! This is Your Time!!!

Look forward to connecting with you on the day!!!

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