Will we ever feel content?

3 cool things to energise you!!!

All of us are searching for something. Something to make us happy. Something to make us feel content.

People around you realise that buying new things, clothes, shoes, whatever they get obsessed with provide short-term happiness. 

Next, we want more, and more and more, and more … The mantra of our ego. We never feel content.

What’s the answer? How can we feel content with our lives?


Begin your morning with appreciation. Seriously!!! 

This is one easy tool that will take your life to the next level. It has empowered millions of people’s lives.

Google any spiritual leader and influencer. They will include the practice of appreciation.

I feel 85% content and happy due to my appreciation practice. I also appreciate small blessings throughout my day, am. and pm.

2. WAKE UP TO A NEW DAY! Affirm for a blessed, beautiful, joyful, loving and productive day! This is my favourite! Whatever you want to include in your statement. Really mean it.

Keep your phone off in the mornings and repeat some energising and empowering affirmations for the day. Again, Google it! The findings will be: How you start your day is how your day will go. I swear by this practice.

It is also scientifically proven that your brain is the most creative and imaginative in the first few hours after you have woken up. Your genius right brain is mostly active in the mornings and ready to be creative. The best time to ditch to-do-lists!!! Instead focus on one thing that you want to achieve for You and one thing you could do today to move you one step oser towards achieving your goal.


If you think you are on your own, with your own physical self, you’ll never feel happy and content. Period.

There is a bigger energy source in motion. Think about it! You are still here, which means you have been helped through a number of challenges. Call it God, the Universe, Source, Divine Power, it’s up to you!

Spend at least a minute (60 seconds) in silence daily to be in the presence of the Higher Power.

It will strengthen your trust and faith: ‘This too shall pass’ and ‘Things will work out in the end’. will be easier to accept and make peace with.

Inspiring words:



All My Love,

Kristina xxx

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